Detroit born

Paco Ramone wasn't always a Leaguer, nor a superhero. As a teen, Paco was involved with a gang called Los Lobos, but quit after he heard the League was looking for new members for their revamped roster. Since he was born with the power to emit sonic shockwaves, Paco was a perfect candidate for membership, and was made a member. Unfortunately, old habits die hard, as alumni Aquaman and Martian Manhunter discovered after Vibe got the team into a rumble with a rival gang, and backtalked to Green Arrow, which landed him a punch in the face. Nevertheless, VIbe was a dedicated member of the League, and stuck with them all through their years in Detroit. However, during the Legends incident, he was killed in battle by androids belonging to the JLA's old nemesis, Professor Ivo.


Vibe was a mutant who could project shockwaves from his hands.