the Winged Avenger


The half Thanagarian half Native American son of a Thanagarian scientist and an Earthwoman, Katar Hol spent his youth preparing for a possible career as an archeologist, until he became addicted to a native drug, and was manipulated by the corrupt police captian Byth into commiting patricide. Exiled to a prison island for life, Katar was freed from his sentence when Byth's corruption was revealed. Together with fellow officer Shayera Thal, Katar followed Byth to Earth, where he was given the mantle of Hawkman and Shayera Hawkwoman. During the events of Zero Hour, Katar was merged with his predecessor, Shayera's predecessor, and a Hawk god, becoming some type of Hawk Avatar, but had to be banished to another dimension due to the voices of the previous avatars driving him insane. Katar is currently believed to be deceased.


Katar has no superhuman powers. the Nth Metal his wings and harness are made of allow him to fly, grant him superhuman endurance and telescopic vision, allows him to heal at incredible speed. Thanks to a device called the Absorbacron, Katar can speak and understand the language of birds.