� It's hard to believe that despite an abusive childhood, Guy Gardner turned out to be both a valued Green Lantern and a long running� member of the Justice League. A troubled youth, Guy grew up and became a social worker for prisoners, inspired to do so by his older brother, a police officer, but later quit that job out of fear for being too aggressive. When Abin Sur crash landed to Earth, his ring chose to possible successors: Hal and Guy. Since Hal was closer, he was given the ring, but chose Guy to be his backup after learning of his existance. Though later events caused Guy to become an arrogant, tempermental, violent, ill-behaved, rude jerkwad, he still proved worthy enough to be a member of both the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League


Currently, Guy has no superpowers, he just uses a Green Lantern power ring. During his period as Warrior, he possed superhuman strength and durability, and could create weapons from his own body.


  • A memorable scene in Justice League history is a fight between then-leader Batman� and Guy...which only lasted ten seconds after Batman knocked Guy out with a single punch.
  • Guy's girlfriend is fellow JLI member, Ice.