Born the son of Princess Atlanna of the Altantean city, Posidonis, and the exiled wizard Atlan, Prince Orin was sentenced to death by the cruel and superstitious council of Posidonis because of his blonde hair, a sign of his blood ancestry to the mutant, Kordax. Saved from death by a scientist named Vulko, Atlanna and her son were taken in by a young lighthouse keeper named Tom Curry, whom Atlanna married months later. Renamed Arthur Curry, Orin displayed his powers as he grew, using his telepathic abilities to play with sea creatures, from the tame sea turtle to the vicious great white. Arthur was only a boy was his mother died, but not before she revealed the truth about his hertiage. Trained by his stepfather to use his powers for good, Arthur donned an orange and dark green uniform from Posidonis, and took to the sea as Aquaman. Eventually Arthur reclamied his mother's throne, and still rules the city to this day, both as it's protector and it's king.


  • Aquapathy: Due to his half magical heritage, Aquaman can telepathically communicate with and control aquatic life.
  • Superhuman strength, endurance, agility, reflexes, durability and senses: Aquaman's physiology grants him natural superhuman physical abilities and senses, amplified by his half magical nature
  • Super speed swimming: Aquaman can swim at speeds approaching Mach-2.