Animal Man

the Defender of All Wildlife

As a teenager, Buddy Baker was out on a hunting trip when he stumbled across a damaged space ship. Before Buddy knew it, the ship exploded, exposing to a radiation that gave him the ability to copy animal powers. At first, using his powers as a stuntman, Buddy decided to become a superhero, donning the orange and black costume of the Animal-Man. After several years of adventuring, Buddy called it quits, got married, and had two children. But the call to action is a strong one, and Buddy is once more a superhero, first being a member of the

Forgotten Heroes, and later a member of Justice League Europe.


  • Animal Mimicry: Allows Buddy to copy the abilities of animals (i.e. the strength of an ape, the agility of a dolphin, the night vision of a cat, the regeration of a reptile).
  • Faunapathy: Animal telepathy.
  • Occasional shapeshifting
  • Cosmic Awareness: An encounter with the writer of his epymonus series, Grant Morrison, has given Buddy the knowledge of his fictious nature.

Beast BoyEdit

Beast Boy is an alias for Animal Man.